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Isabel's Wedding

During the month of February, the city relives the tragedy of Os Amantes de Teruel.  In its streets, the medieval atmosphere of the time is recreated, as well as the various scenes from the history of these Lovers: Diego and Isabel.

Legend has it that they lived a forbidden love: he came from poor families, she from rich families; Diego leaves Teruel for 5 years in search of work and better living conditions, in order to marry Isabel. At the end of these 5 years, Diego did not return to Teruel, and Isabel ended up marrying another young man, Pedro de Azagra, lord of Albarracín.  When he returns to Teruel and is faced with his lover's wedding, Diego dies of love. 

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Every year the city revives this legend, setting up a medieval market and some camps. Some of the highlights of the festivities are its famous processions: "The Bridal Retinue" and the "Cortejo do Rei".

Be sure to watch the Medieval Battle and the recreation of Diego's death and Isabel's lament. 

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