Saint Peter's Basilic 

or Saint Peter's Church 


St. Peter's Church is located in the Central Square - "Sala de Visitas de Guimarães".


It was in 1737 that the works of this neoclassical temple began. In 1751 it received the title of minor basilica, awarded by Pope Benedict XIV, this was the first Church of the Archdiocese of Braga to receive this distinction.

Although the works were completed around 1884, the project was not completed in its entirety and the second bell tower is still missing today. 

Inside the church is the main chapel separated from the nave by a perfect round cross arch, which shows the altarpiece, with blue and gold sculpture, manifesting the eclectic taste of the late 19th century.


At the time of the French Invasions the church was desecrated and used as a stable.