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wild island

Ilha Brava is the smallest of the inhabited islands of Cape Verde. Initially it was baptized by the Portuguese with the name of São João, later it was changed due to the flowery appearance and pure nature of the island.  Brava is an adjective that qualifies its wild state in terms of nature. This island has a very humid climate allowing the existence of a very rich and varied flora. Due to the mild temperature, it can be visited at any time of the year.


With volcanic characteristics, it is a very mountainous territory, with very high peaks and deep valleys, reaching a height of 976 meters at Pico das Fontainhas. There are many cliffs on the coast, filled with bays that invite you to discover it.

Djabrata (Brava in local Creole) is synonymous of a very inhospitable island, but it is also synonymous with emotions and unforgettable moments – it has excellent trails, magnificent beaches and a lot of culture and joy to present to those who visit it.

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