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Kasbah of the Udayas

When visiting the medina of Rabat, it is essential to walk further north to explore the 12th century Kasbah of the Udayas.


It is the oldest neighborhood in the city, which was built during the Almohad dynasty. The compact neighborhood has evolved over the centuries, with many of its whitewashed and bluewashed houses built by Moroccan refugees from Spain during the 16th century.

Today there are many highlights to be seen during a visit to the walled and towered Kasbah of Rabat.

Imponente portão almoáda Bab Oudaïa.jpg

Entry through the 12th-century great Almohad gate of Bab Oudaia hints at discoveries to come:

including a walk along the main street of the neighborhood, - Jamaa Street, and passing by the oldest mosque in the city - El Atiqa;


a visit to the Oudayas Museum located in the palace;


and especially the incomparable views of the river and sea, well appreciated from the various terraces.

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