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Convent of Santa Clara

It was one of the richest and most important convents in Guimarães. It was ordered to be built in the 16th century. XVI by Canon Mestre Escola da Collegiada de Nossa Senhora da Oliveira, Baltasar de Andrade.


It became famous for the delicious sweets that the nuns made and sold.


Of note are the "toucinho" from the sky and the Guimarães pies, sweets that are still enjoyed in the most traditional pastry shops in the city.

It is a building with a baroque façade and in the center there is a sculpture of Santa Clara. The two-storey cloister is of the classical type.

Its rich chapel was emptied in the 16th century. XIX. Today we can find part of the gilded carvings in the Alberto Sampaio Museum.


Since 1975, this building has housed the City Council of Guimarães.

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