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Moncada street

On Rua Montacada we find a magnificent succession of palaces.

Some of the palaces that the Setabria nobility built along this street have disappeared – Duke of Setabria, Count of Ripalda, as well as those of the Rotglà, Bellvís and Tárrega families. 

Some of the ones that remain have undergone considerable changes, but they still retain traces of the 14th century, such as the Despuig family (n.º 5 in the street), and the Sant Ramon family (n.º 12, in the street).

Intact is only the Palace of the Knight Andrés de Diego, built by the architect Friar Vicente Cuenca (1767-1845). In this palace, we highlight the courtyard, the staircase, and the rooms with mosaic floors from the Royal Factory of Valencia.

Close to this palace we find the one of the Marquis de Montortal, with a Gothic architecture structure with additions dating from the end of the 18th century.

Not so old, but equally interesting is the Palace of the Mahíques-Sanç family, which was restored to house the Casa de La Cultura – a building with a Baroque origin, but where rooms in French Neo-Imperial style are combined.

We can also see the Sanç d'Alboi family palace, the only one with a Gothic coffered roof that remains in the city, just beyond it are two turn-of-the-century bourgeois residences. One of these residences with modernist architecture, stands in a medieval palace that belonged to the Borja family of the Dukes of Gandía branch.

At no. 22 lived the Sanç de la Llosa family, as can be seen from the coat of arms on the eaves of the roof, and later, the Ros d'Ursins and Puigmoltó, barons of Almisserà.

A visit to this street is a must for anyone going to Xàtiva.

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