Saint Gerald of Braga's Chapel (Braga's Cathedral)


The Saint Gerald Chapel is part of the four chapels that are located next to the Cathedral of Braga, where is buried the patron saint of Braga -  Saint Geraldo of Braga (who was archbishop of Braga and died in 1108).

The original chapel was built in the 12th century, invoking St. Nicholas of Mira for whom Dom Geraldo had special devotion. From the original chapel only the structure of the walls remains.

In the 15th century, Archbishop Fernando da Guerra, after D. Geraldo was canonized (attributed several miracles in the Braga area,) dedicated to him the Chapel and his remains were buried in the main altarpiece. It has been the target of several restorations over the centuries and is decorated in baroque carvings and the tiles on the side walls narrate life scenes of the patron saint.

This chapel has longitudinal plan, being formed by two attached rectangular bodies. The first part, the entrance, is formed by a small open atrium with eight columns, followed by the second part of a single nave.