Peñícola Castle

Erected in the 13th century, in the highest part of the city, on top of ancient Moorish fortifications, this Castle keeps secrets of the Order of the Templars, the great drivers who built this fortress.


Despite the strong attachment to the Templars, the most important epoch of his more than 700 years of existence is undoubtedly the one in which D. Pedro de Luna, Pope Luna, or as it became better known, Benedict XIII, was a refuge. 


Pope Luna set up here the headquarters of his pontificate (1411-1423), attracting a great number of artists and craftsmen who brightened his palace in the interior.

It shares with the Vatican and with the Papal Palace of Avión the privilege of having been the seat of the Pontificate, one of the three that has existed since forever. 


Already in the reign of Felipe II of Spain, this determined the construction of new defenses, adapted to the then modern artillery, in order to protect the city from the ravages of the pirates of the Barbaria.


The Castle of Peñiscola offers theatrical guided tours where you can visit the Castle accompanied by the Templars, the Pope and several characters who will take you on a journey through time. These visits also take place during the night, where figures and secrets of the Castle’s history are hidden.


Today, the Castle "is transformed" into a cultural center. This allows to know the whole history of this space, and still watch events and shows that take place throughout the year.


In 2015, the famous TV series Game of Thrones chose Peñiscola as one of the main scenes of the season. For fans of the show, this is where Daenerys, Mother of Dragons, conquered Meeren, the famous Slave Bay.


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