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Windsurf ao pôr do sol


The Archipelago of Cabo Verde has absolutely extraordinary conditions for the practice of water sports, and countless outdoor activities, which will make anyone's vacation a unique experience and full of emotions that only Cabo Verde's landscapes can offer!

Desportos Aquáticos

Desportos Aquáticos


Desportos Aquáticos

Desportos Aquáticos


Desportos Aquáticos

Desportos Aquáticos


Desportos Aquáticos

Desportos Aquáticos


Desportos Náuticos

Desportos Náuticos



  • Diving and Snorkelling

  • Flyboard

  • Kitesurfing or Kiteboarding

  • windsurfing

  • surf

  • bodyboard

  • adventure 

  • Sport Fishing Tours (Boa Vista Island)


  • Golf

  • Boat trips

  • Sea Turtle Watching (Caretta caretta)  (Sal Island)

  • Organized Tours in Off-Road Vehicles (Sal Island, Boa Vista Island)

  • Guided Electric Bike Tours (Coast of Sal Island)

  • Excursions and Fantastic Experience on Slide / Zipeline (Sal Island)

  • Buggy Trips (in the Desert of Santa Maria – Sal Island)

  • Trekking in Serra Malagueta Natural Park, Assomada Market and Tarrafal Beach (Santiago Island)

  • Organized Shark Watching Tours (Shark Bay – Sal Island)

  • Organized Humpback Whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) Watching Tours (Coast of Boa Vista Island)

  • Treking in Calabaceira Valley and Visits to the Old Town (Santiago Island)

  • Organized tours to visit the Volcano (Pico do Fogo, Fogo Island), the Fogo Natural Park and the Coffee Plantations (Fogo Island)

  • Organized visits to the island of Santo Antão

  • Organized tours to the most picturesque streets of the city of Santa Maria, with a local guide, which includes a walking tour to see the works of art produced on the facades of various houses, by the social project “Arte D'Zona” – Street Art (Sal Island)

  • Organized horseback riding (Sal Island)

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