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Celebrations in Honor of Holy Queen Elizabeth

At the beginning of July the city of Coimbra is filled with light, color and animation, not only in the most emblematic spaces, but also the most typical corners of Coimbra. July 4th is the day of the City of Coimbra, being the day on which the official ceremonies take place at the Coimbra City Hall, and in which its patron saint - Holy Queen Santa Elizabeth is celebrated.

Integrated in the Festivities of the City of Coimbra, and in even years, the event integrates the celebrations in honor of Holy Queen Elizabeth. 


The feasts of Holy Queen Elizabeth have been celebrated in Coimbra for nearly four centuries and, thanks to the prestige of their patron saint, have won admiration for generations, in Portugal and abroad. 

One of the highlights are the famous processions in honor of of Holy Queen Elizabeth: the Penance Procession (held on Thursday), where the image of the patron saint is carried from the Church of the Holy Queen to the Church of Santa Cruz, and the Solemn Procession (held the following Sunday), which carries the image of the New Cathedral, and then back to the Holy Queen Church.

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