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Cartiginenses and Roman Parties

Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans, Byzantines and Arabs, over the centuries left their historical traces in the present city of Cartagena.


Every year in September, Cartagena relives an important moment in its history, recreating a scenario lived 2200 years ago.


The Carthaginian and Roman Festivals recreate the Second Punic War, in which the Carthaginian general Hannibal loses Cartagena to the Roman general Cornelius Escipion.

The celebrations begin with the foundation of Qart-Hadast by Asdrúbal in 223 a. C. and end with the Roman victory over Cartagena in the year 209 a. C.


Music, color, pyrotechnics, recreations, seasonal markets, ancient and contemporary gastronomy, parades, games are part of the day-to-day life of this city during the celebrations.


You can also attend Annibale’s wedding with Princess Imilce, the oracle of Goddess Tanit and the disembarkation of the Roman fleet and parades of troops and legions.


The most striking day is Saturday, the day of the Great Festival, when Carthaginian troops and Roman legions march on the city.


Embark on this adventure and learn about the whole history lived between Carthaginians and Romans.


During ten days of celebration are recreated and lived - with the participation of residents and visitors – all events marked during the dominion of the Carthaginians, as well as the defeat and occupation by the Romans.


In the second half of September, the inhabitants dress up and relive the history of Cartagena. In the city there are big parades that bring to the street the clothes and armaments of the Carthaginian troops and the Roman legions, revealing the creativity and commitment of the party groups that elaborate the costumes and the whole scenery.


In a huge enclosure 50 groups of Carthaginians and Romans gather to set up the camp and recreate a great city with an environment that transports the visitor to antiquity.

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