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Traditional parties 

Xátiva is a very old settlement that once played a preponderant role in the now Community of Valencia.

It is a city very rich in centuries-old traditions, and the Traditional Festivals are important landmarks for the city – its inhabitants and tourists.

In March, the streets of Xàtiva are dressed in color and fireworks during the Festival das Fallas, a festival whose tradition dates back to 1865.


March or April introduces us to Holy Week (depending on the date on which Easter occurs), the fraternities and images of Xàtiva are among the most important in the Valencian Community – the procession called “Les Cortesies ou El Encuentro” and which is absolutely remarkable .


With the arrival of June, Corpus Christi begins, highlighting the procession, where biblical scenes accompany the Custody.


The patron saint's festivities take place in August, on St. Feliu's Day, with a pilgrimage to the saint's hermitage.


FIRA D'AGOST (August Fair), one of the oldest fairs in the Region of Valencia – it is at Fira del Bestiar that horses and other animals were traditionally bought and sold. Currently, a little bit of everything is sold, in addition to being a festival with a lot of music and entertainment.

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Fallas parties


Feliu's party

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body of Christ

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