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Fort of S. Miguel Arcanjo

The fort was built in 1577 to protect the city against pirates, and then remodeled by King João IV, the Restorer, at a later stage. The fortress' sentinel was St. Miguel Arcanjo.

During the French Invasions, the fort served as a shelter to enemy soldiers who fought against the population of Sítio and Pederneira. These enemy soldiers were expelled from Portugal in 1811. This event turned the fort into a symbol of resistance and independence for the people of Nazaré.


By the 20th century, the fort has no military use anymore. Due to its inactivity, the fishermen of Nazaré asked the government for a beacon in order to support their fishing activity. As per the people's request, the fort is restored and consolidated in 1903 and the Nazaré lighthouse is introduced. The lighthouse would then become worldwide famous for being part of the most incredible pictures of the giant waves that are formed right in front of it.

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