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Revolcadero Gallery and Adarve

The passage between the different parts of a fortress is essential – adarve (round path, path on top of the walls of a fortification). In times of war, defense depended heavily on the speed with which troops could move inside the fortifications. In the Almodovar Fortress, it consisted of two sets of stairs, which departed from the Patio de Armas, which allowed reaching two different locations – the south side and the northwest side. From the south you can access the Torre de Menagem, and from the northwest you can access the Torre das Campanas, the Torre Escucha and the Torre Escula.  


The Gallery is part of the second line of defense of the fortress, it is located under the Revolcadero and communicates with the Tower of the Moors and with the original entrance door of the castle (dates from the 8th century, at present it is difficult to access, when it was discovered it was completely underground several meters below the surface).

"Access to the northeast walkway, between the door of the first interior enclosure and the Revolcadero, is through a narrow passage at the bottom of the latter, which crosses it at the bottom and gives access to the passageway that flanks the first enclosure (. ..) and the second enclosure” interiors. (Tesis Almodóvar.pdf (, page 163)


There is also a large boulders there, through which oil and/or boiling water, materials ablaze (fire) or stones were thrown to stop the enemy.

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