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Cabo Verde's gastronomy is the result of a heritage rich in traditions and flavors from different origins. It is a cuisine that mixes African and European (namely Portuguese) ingredients and knowledge. Given its location and surrounding maritime area, fishing plays an essential role in culture and economy. Meat is also important in gastronomy.

Assorted fish, seafood in abundance and of the highest quality, such as lobsters, shrimp, molluscs such as octopus and crustaceans, such as barnacles, limpets and whelks, fill the archipelago's restaurants and bars. Its preparation can be simple or more elaborate, depending on the dishes and islands.

It is common to serve portions of breaded moray eel in bars.

The Goat Cheese is absolutely delicious, it can be found on the islands of Boa Vista, Santo Antão, Fogo and Maio (in the latter the cheese has a peculiar flavor, which makes it unique among the others).

When it comes to meat, one of the most typical dishes is the Caldeirada de Cabrito com Beans, the Goat Stew (typical on the island of São Nicolau, there it is called the Modje de São Niclau).

The desserts are also delicious, namely the Honey Cake, the delicious Cocada, the Banana Fidjós, the Caramelized Banana Cake, the Cheese Pudding, the Cassava Cakes, the Fongo, we can't miss the papaya or sweets calabash, marmalade and guava.