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The municipality of Idanha-a-Nova has a very similar gastronomy from parish to parish, with a simple cuisine that brings with it the ancient taste of past generations.

Be sure to taste the tasty meat-based dishes such as slaughter soup, lamb stew, wild boar stew, venison stew, wild boar shank or hare rice, or some delicious wild asparagus. Not to mention the famous roast lamb in the oven.


Despite the distance to the sea coast, you can taste great fish dishes that will leave you amazed: fried Achigã with tomato rice or some fish migas.

There was no shortage of sweets and desserts.

Young lambs, honey buns, milk cakes, forgotten cakes, olive oil cakes, sweet Easter cake, the bowls baked in a wood oven, the sweet rice, the carol porridge (made from minced maize meal), among many other delicacies.


Traditional Recepies

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