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Almodovar del Rio

Almodovar Castle

Story of a dream

The Castle of Almodovar del Rio has very ancient origins, it was first built by the Arabs in the year 740. The fortress fell into the hands of Christians in 1226 , when the Moorish king Abed Mohammed was defeated and handed over to King Ferdinand III, The Saint , from Leon and Castile. Over the centuries, it underwent various repairs and expansions carried out by Pedro I of Castile, Enrique II of Trastamara, Alfonso XI, 'O Justo' and Pedro I, 'O Cruel'. The traces of Muslim and Christian culture are reflected in its architecture. It is one of the most admirable fortresses in Spain. It was elected one of the 7 Wonders of the Province of Córdoba.

The Fortress/Castle, with an approximately oval shape, stands 22 kilometers south-west of Cordoba, on the medieval road to Seville, on the right bank of the Guadalquivir River, on a hill about 250 meters high. It was, therefore, at a strategic point that allowed visual control over the space between the mountains and the plain, ensuring the safety of the city, right on the road between Cordoba and Seville. This fortress was part of the defensive belt of Codova.