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Saint Mark’s Church - Braga


It was built in the 18th century with a project by architect Carlos Amarante. The lateral bodies were designed and built by José Fernandes Graça, nicknamed "The Landim" and who was in charge of the stonework and sculpture outlined by Carlos Amarante. “Baroque-style building, the verticality of the Church with its two towers contrasts with the horizontality of the hospital facilities that develop symmetrically, creating a harmonious ensemble.”

The Relics of the body of the Apostle and of the Bishop St. Mark, are in this church to the veneration of the faithful. The church has the particularity of venerating the Apostle St. Mark, and the Bishop St. Mark. Everything leads to the belief that it is the body of the same Holy Apostle, who was presumed missing for centuries. The presence in Braga of many Eastern Orthodox believers had the virtue of drawing attention to this Apostolic "find".

Dom Diogo de Sousa (Archbishop of Braga, 1595-1532) is buried in the main chapel of the Church, in a white jasper tomb worked in mosaic.

Leaning against the west façade of the building is the chapel of S. Bentinho.

In 2016, the northern pavilion was transformed into a “Vila Galé” hotel, with the exception of the St. Mark's Church, St. Benedict's Chapel and the Pharmacy of Mercy.

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