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Boa Vista Island

The island of Boa Vista is a melting pot of Creole Culture (Kriol), with an interesting history of merchants and pirates, traditions inherited from various peoples and an incredible marine and terrestrial biodiversity. It is the third largest island in the archipelago, however it has a low population density due to its aridity and rocky soil.

Life has never been easy on this island, having experienced several episodes of famine. The island of Boa Vista has the longest beaches in Cabo Verde. 

The wonderful landscapes that the island offers to those who visit it can be enjoyed in different ways: quad bikes, pick up, horseback riding, hiking or trekking. There are also excellent conditions for the practice of water sports such as surfing, kiting and windsurfing. It is even possible to see whales and see the birth of small turtles.

There are good conditions for the practice of diving, free or autonomous, in the various islets that surround the island.

The interior of the island also offers an incredible desert where you can see a spectacular sunset over the sea, you can dream of seeing the incredible starry sky or slipping on the soft sand of its dunes.
The traditional culture, in which the morna is queen, and the gastronomy are also an excellent reason to make the island of Boa Vista a place to visit.
All these factors have led the tourism industry to recognize the potential of this fantastic island, investing in hotels and resorts (especially on the south coast of the village of Sal Rei) allowing workplaces to improve their living conditions.

The island of Boa Vista is a must-visit! Beaches with incredibly white sand and turquoise waters, a desert that can be conquered, a generous sea that invites us to practice water sports and that offers whales and lets us see turtles being born, but above all conquest for the morabeza of its generous people. An island not to be missed!

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