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Garden of the Moat

One of the wishes of the Count of Torralva, D.Rafael Demaissieres y Farina, was to have a garden in the fortress that would allow him to recall the shapes, colors and odors/perfumes of the different places he traveled through and that fascinated him.



Such, unfortunately, did not materialize in his lifetime. 

But as “the dream commands life”, it was possible to build a beautiful Garden in the Moat of the Almodovar Castle Fortress, through what the Count of Torralva wrote in his diaries.

In order to give life to the will and dream of D. Rafael Farina, a garden was built divided into five areas: High Mountain, Mediterranean Landscape, Tropical Zone and a Floral Area – a special area dedicated only to flowering plants.

The Jardim do Fosse is a must-see for anyone visiting the Castle of Almodôvar.

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