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 The Penha Mountain


Embark on a very pleasant cable car trip that will take you from downtown Guimarães to the top of the Penha mountain. Here, you will find the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Penha, a well-known pilgrimage site. The chapel, built in 1652, served as a Convent of the Imaculada Conceição as early as 1727. While visiting the Sanctuary, be dazzled by the stunning set of tiles and gorgeous pulpit.

The beautiful Penha Sanctuary, a symbol of faith for the people as well as the city's beacon, is a monument of unique architectural and religious features.

When up there, discover and explore several caves and enjoy the magnificent sights that the natural viewpoints give you.


The Penha mountain offers a wide range of activities: a mountain campsite, a mini golf course, an outdoor exercise area, an equestrian center, a picnic area, pedestrian tracks, restaurants, bars and coffee shops.


How to Get to the Penha Mountain

If you are driving, climb to the top of Penha Mountain where all its natural attractions, the Sanctuary, the various restaurants and the campsite are concentrated.

From the historical center to the top it is about 7.5 km (about 15 minutes by car).

See on the map below how to get from the center of Guimarães to the top of Penha Mountain

If you reach the city by bus or train, you will probably get to know the city on foot, as all the iconic spaces center on the city center. Thus, the best way to reach the top of the mountain is by cable car. The trip takes about 15 minutes and gives you the best view of the city.

Learn more about the Guimarães Cable Car  here.

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