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Electric Car Museum 

Address: Alameda de Basílio Teles 51, 4050-127 | Harbor

Telephone: 22 615 81 85





The Electric Car Museum belongs to the Porto Collective Transport Society (STCP) and unveils more than one hundred years of history related to Porto's electric traction collective transport network. Its collection includes electric cars, trailers and cars that support electric cars. The Museum, inaugurated in 1992, is located in the Old Thermal Power Plant of Massarelos, Porto.

The Museum offers an interactive journey through the history of the evolution of the electric traction network in Porto, it is also possible to visit the Machine Room of the Thermal Power Plant of Massarelos.

The Museum has a Permanent Exhibition“Between Lines”where history and technologies intersect to tell the evolution of the electric traction network in the city of Porto, powered, in the first 45 years, by the energy produced by the centenary Massarelos Thermoelectric Power Station .

The mission of the Museu do Carro Tram is the preservation, conservation and interpretation of all the elements that represent and illustrate the history and development of urban public transport on rails in the city of Porto. Through the investigation and exhibition of its collections, the organization of exhibitions and cultural programs, the Tram Museum provides its audiences with the opportunity to learn, experience and learn about the history, development and socio-economic impact of public transport on the rails of the city of Porto. The Educational Services, the Collection Management Service and a Documentation Center dedicated to the history of the city of Porto and the development of urban transport are available for this purpose.

A parade of some of this material is organized annually on the line between Massarelos and Passeio Alegre, so that even more people can see this important historical collection.

In 1996, Nélson Oliveira, then vice-president of the Portuguese Association of Friends of the Railways (APAC), praised this museum as «one of the best in Europe, if not in the world».

In 2010 the German architect Thomas Kroger won the ideas competition launched by STCP for the redevelopment of the Electric Car Museum.

However, and as a result of some problems, the Museum had to close to the public (2012), having reopened on November 28, 2015 to continue its extraordinary mission.

Visit the Electric Car Museum and live the memory of other times aboard historic electric cars while discovering the social and economic transformations of the Invicta city that accompany the implementation of the rail transport network.


GPS coordinates: 41° 08′ 51" N, 8° 37′ 58" W

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