Episcopal Palace of Braga


The ancient Episcopal Palace of Braga, also referred to as the Archdiocesan Palace, is located in front of the cathedral, in the historical centre of Braga.

The Palace began to be built during the 14th century, and was expanded during the 17th and 18th centuries. The addition of new buildings has resulted in an exceptionally rich multi-architectural urban complex.ngs and numerous paintings.​

Currently, it hosts the Rectory of the University of Minho, as well as the Noble Hall of this same university, where the most important ceremonies of the Minho Academy are held and also the Municipal Library of Braga, highlighting one of the rooms, where computers are installed, whose ceiling is adorned by gilded carvings and numerous paintings.


The visit to this place is obligatory not only for the buildings themselves, but also for the tiles that flank the main staircase; for the Garden of Saint Barbara (oldest building, dating from the end of the Middle Ages); for the buildings facing the Town Square, Baroque style, that unfortunately were consumed by a fire in 1866, having been rebuilt in the 1920's and 1930's.