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Park of the Artillery

The Artillery Park is a Walled Enclosure, a military area made up of batteries, tunnels and ramps that connect to the maritime area outside the enclosure and the fortress.

The gardens – botanical park – that we can enjoy today are a creation of the 20th century. In this wonderful space we can admire the native flora of the Serra de Irta Natural Park.

The medieval world is very different from the Renaissance. The Renaissance was the time of Charles V and his son Philip II, it was at the height of his power that he ordered the construction of this fortification. At that time the Spanish empire was so vast that it was labeled "the empire where the sun never sets". Philip II inherited an empire already in the beginning of decline, and a kingdom of highly indebted. In the time of Carlos V and Philip II, Spain was the main world power (remember that Philip II of Spain, reigned in Portugal as Philip I, joined in the same reigning house the empire of two powerful crowns).

In this magnificent and emblematic space you can visit the fortifications built during the reign of Philip II, in the last quarter of the 16th century, in order to modernize the defenses of the medieval castle and thus be able to more effectively combat attacks by pirates and the Turkish navy. which at that time posed a strong threat to the Levante coastline.

The upper area of the fortifications and gardens is linked to the medieval castle and the lighthouse area. 


The excellent location of these gardens, in the lower left of the castle, offers splendid views of the northern beach of Peñíscola and the Mediterranean sea that borders the fortress walls.


This park served as a setting for some productions, such as the series of Telecinco, "El Chiringuito de Pepe", and the famous series "War of Thrones".


To access the Artillery Park, just climb the Ramp of Felipe II and then go down the Plaza de Armas.

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