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Courtyard of Weapons

The Pátio de Armas is a huge rectangular space that perfectly adapts to the terrain. What we see today is quite different from the original. During the reconstruction, buildings were built that did not exist before. Even though it is quite different from the original, the 20th century building – interior space – is perfectly distinguished from the surrounding medieval building.  


In the Middle Ages, the interior space, entirely surrounded by towers and walls, was an impregnable place. It would be occupied by wooden buildings that served as accommodation for soldiers and the population, who in times of war sought safety within its walls.

During the reconstruction process, traces of numerous buildings were found, and the architect responsible for the work (D. Adolfo Fernández Casanova) prepared a detailed project of the entire set, making it possible to know how they were distributed and what their dimensions were. information that allows us to conclude that they were in total ruin.

The buildings dating from the 20th century were built to make the space habitable and the medieval ones were used exclusively for defence. The house-palace and chapel and the library in the center date from the 20th century. The towers, the walls and everything else are of medieval construction.

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