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Location: Avenida da República | Lisbon


Telephone: (+351) 217 998 450


The Campo Pequeno bullring is the current bullring in the city of Lisbon. Administratively classified as 1st Category, it is considered the first bullring in Portugal.

It is a venue for bullfights, musical concerts, fairs, exhibitions and other events, with a capacity of about 10,000 people, with 6,848 seats.

The bullfighting calendar takes place mainly in spring and summer.

The neo-Arab architecture building, built in Mudejar colored solid brick, with a project by the architect José Dias da Silva, was inaugurated in 1892 and is owned by Casa Pia Lisboa. The square is covered by a dome and a "Moorish" lantern, being pierced by round or horseshoe arches, equally Islamic, as in the case of the main portal.


 It has been classified as a Property of Public Interest since 1983.

At the beginning of the 21st century, it underwent extensive restoration work.

The most significant change will have been the removable cover that makes the square a more versatile space, which can be used throughout the year and for any purpose.

Another important work was the creation of an underground commercial gallery, now known as Campo Pequeno Shopping Centre, and some other commercial spaces on the ground floor, namely bars and restaurants.


Campo Pequeno Museum

The square is part of a Bullfighting Museum, integrating part of the existing museum's assets, as well as of the Sector 1 Bullfighting Group, to which other pieces are added, including donations by José Samuel Lupi, Francisco Mascarenhas, the widow of the knight José Mestre Batista or by Joaquim Bastinhas.

This place aims to create a memory space for Portuguese bullfighting, as well as to disseminate bullfighting culture in general, showing it to the general public and valuing it as an intangible heritage.


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GPS coordinates: 38º 44' 33" N 9º 8' 43" W

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