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The oldest Bullring in Spain | The Taurino Museum 

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The story goes that at the end of the fifteenth century the image of the Virgin of Castañar was found here, raising a small chapel in her honor. 


Built in 1667, at over 1000m altitude, it is considered the oldest Bull Square in Spain.  

As the years passed, and with the purpose of building a larger sanctuary, they began to run bull races to obtain funds for its construction.  Initially, these races were held in an improvised square, with a wooden enclosure.  


The square was undergoing some alterations, until about 1711 was built the square taurine that remained conserved until today, presenting a capacity for about 4200 people. 


In the 19th century was built the presidential stage and other stages, the box offices and in turn the sanitary facilities.  

Inthe 20th century, in 1962 the space is reopened, after extensive restoration works, where the benches were kept in stone. 

The Taurino Museum

Installed in the Plaza de Toros building since 1998, the Taurino Museum has a vast collection linked to the world of bullfighting. Here it is possible to discover the various costumes, cutlery pieces from the century. XX and various documents related to this theme, as well as various objects of the bullfighters who passed through this square.

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