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Giraldo Square

Praça do Giraldo is an icon of tribute to Geraldo Geraldes, the No Scare, for he has conquered Évora to the Moors in 1167. In gratitude for this enormous achievement, D. Afonso Henriques (King of Portugal) named him the mayor of the city and the Alentejo's main frontier, region that would help to conquer.


Praça do Giraldo is the main city of Évora. This place has witnessed important moments in the history of Portugal, such as: the Execution of D. Fernando, Duke of Bragança, in 1483; The public burning of the victims of the Inquisition in the 16th century; Or the intense debates on agrarian reform during the 1970 decade.


Nowadays, the square is still the heartof the city and houses several shops, cafeterias and restaurants and is often the place of different activities. In addition, it has an 18th century marble fountain, the work of Afonso Alvares.

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In the middle of Giraldo Square, sit on one of the beautiful terraces and enjoy your rest in the Alentejo while admiring the beautiful neoclassical and romantic façades. Note also the interesting lamps scattered around the Giraldo Square and the crests on its top that honor Geraldo Geraldes, the No Scare!

To the southwest by the narrow streets of Évora lies the old Jewish quarter.

Since 1910 it is classified as a national monument.

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