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The refectory has a painting of the Last Supper by the Monsignor Canon Nunes Pereira in 1994. Nunes Pereira studied here and was also the priest of the Diocese of Coimbra. During the last years of his life, he resided and worked on his art in the Seminary.


One of the walls displays two oil canvases that came from an extinct convent and were donated to the Seminary with the help of the family of António Vasconcelos. Both canvases were restored and placed here in 2016. The centre of the refectory holds an 18th-century crucifix that was also donated to the Seminary in 2016 by a priest from the same diocese.


Another highlight of the refectory is the monastic pulpit, a platform from which a preacher would read spiritual texts during meals. The access to the pulpit was through a metal staircase, which could be placed closer to the wall when not in use.


In order to get to the main refectory, it was required to go through a smaller refectory. Even though they were both connected, the smaller refectory was used by the priests who resided in the Seminary but were not directly involved in its studies.

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