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São Bento Station


The São Bento station is a centenary Railway Station (opened in 1916) and it is right in the heart of the city of Porto.

The first stone was laid, still during the monarchy, by King Carlos in 1900, in the place where the Convent of São Bento de Avé Maria used to stand. .


Its atrium is covered with 120 thousand pictorial tiles by Jorge Colaço , of unique beauty and a beautiful blue, representing suggestive historico-ethnographic paintings, whose aesthetic and iconographic beauty dazzle even the most demanding eyes.

It is considered one of the most beautiful railway stations in the world.

CP Services: Regional and InterRegional | Trains for the Porto Interurban Lines: Linho do Minho | Douro Line | Braga Line | Guimarães Line | Line of Caíde/ Marco de Canaveses | Aveiro Line. 

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