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Study room

The Studio was Papa Luna's private dependence and the place where part of his library was also housed. The room is divided by an arch into two small spaces, marked by two openings facing east and south.  Above the door is the papal coat of arms of Benedict XIII.

It was in this small and cozy room where he retired to meditate, it was here that he retired after meals and it was here that he was poisoned with the sweets offered to him by the nuns (this was where he kept them in a small cupboard). It was in this private space that in the last years of his life he wrote what is currently considered his most profound work – the “Libro de las Consolations de la Vida Humana” (“The Book of Consolations of Human Life” – free translation).

Pedro de Luna dedicated his life to his belief, to the Church and to the justice of his considerations. In this magnificent work, he remembers all his lost friends and those who, in the meantime, died. This work, much more than a book, is a life lesson, and a reflection on himself and those around him.

The Studio was certainly Pedro de Luna's last refuge and where he probably reviewed his life countless times.

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