Our Lady of Sameiro Sactuary


The history of the monumental Sameiro Sanctuary began in 1863, when the presbyter of the archdiocese of Braga, Martinho António Pereira da Silva, “laid the first stone” on the top of the hill to construct a pedestal to place an image of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.

Given the large influx of pilgrims, it became necessary to build something more expressive. In 1870 a chapel 30 meters long and 18 meters wide was built. But this too has proved too small for pilgrims to creep. In 1890 the construction of the present Basilica began.

In this neoclassical temple, completed in 1953, stand out inside the main altar in high-polished white granite, as well as the silver sacrarium and the image of patron saint, carved in Rome by Eugénio Maccagnano and brought to the site in 1880; in front, outside; in front, stands an imposing and vast stairway, at the top of which rise two high pillars, topped with the image of the Virgin Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus; another highlight is the squares and gardens.

It should be noted that in the 1970s there was still a need to increase space and an underground crypt was built.

Our Lady of Sameiro Sanctuary is currently the second largest Marian devotion center in Portugal.

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