Saint Jonh the Baptist of Braga

From 14 to 25 June the city of Braga becomes a village on a large scale, in celebration of St. John the Baptist.


The highlight of the festivities is 24 to June 25, the night of São João, in which thousands of people occupy the streets with hammers and leeks.

The "Court of the Rusgas", one of the high points of the festivities, joins several folklore groups and toccatas, besides the philharmonic, on the way to the village of S. João da Ponte, recreating the pilgrimages that the several villages made to Braga, on the day of São João.

But there are several processions that occur at this point in the city. Meet the "Gigantones and Cabeçudos", the "Parada Folclórica", the "Procession of Stewardship", the "Sanjoanino".


On the last day of the festivities the famous "Battle of Flowers" takes place.