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Cathedral of Évora

This medieval cathedral - the largest in the country - was built in the highest part of the city of Évora along with other famous monuments, such as the Roman Temple of Évora, located a few steps from the cathedral.

Built entirely in granite, the cathedral is marked by the transition from the Romanesque to the Gothic style. During the 15th and 16th centuries, it underwent works of great importance, such as the construction of the upper choir, the pulpit, the baptistery and the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Piedade. In the 18th century, as per the request of the King of Portugal João V, the Main chapel is built.


The exterior of the cathedral features a pinnacle and a beautiful lantern tower, which is the most unique part of this monument.

The cathedral contains 3 imposing naves. The highlights of the central nave are the carved altar of Nossa Senhora do Anjo in Baroque style, the pulpit and a grandiose pipe organ of the Renaissance period.


You can also visit the Sacred Art Museum - a museum that displays a vast collection of paintings, sculptures and gold pieces.

When visiting the Gothic cloisters, you can discover statues of several Evangelists, as well as the funeral chapel that houses the tomb of Bishop Peter and some of the Archbishops of Évora.

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