Theatre of Roman

The Roman Theatre was discovered accidentally in the 1980s, when the construction of the Regional Handicraft Center began. The Monument was hidden under various layers of occupation (Byzantine, Andalusian, Early Middle Ages…), and there was no record of its existence. This concealment allowed a great amount of the original material of the Theatre to be kept in place.


Between 1996 and 2003, the excavation of the entire Theatre space took place, now displaying its splendour to all those who visit Cartagena.

In the Museum of the Roman Theatre you can learn more about the urban evolution through the exhibition of archaeological objects recovered during the excavation, such as ceramic objects and other objects of daily use.

It also has a room exclusively dedicated to the collection of monumental architecture with original pieces and a model of the theatre, where you can know the techniques used in the initial construction


Before arriving at the Theatre you will pass through the Archaeological Corridor. This underground corridor takes you down from the Church of Santa Maria, on a journey through the evolution of this monument, where you can see the foundations and the wall of the Islamic Medina and some modifications that have been made in several times.

To finish the visit will enter the space of the Monumental Theatre with capacity for about 7000 people. Built in one of the highest places in the city, it aimed to make an impression of greatness and wealth to all who arrived by boat in Cartagena.

On January 21, 1999 it was declared Well of Cultural Interest in the monument category.

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