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 Luso Spa

Carefully designed to take care of body, mind and soul, LUSO SPA brings together different valences in the same space that provide a truly unique experience, where the senses are the main source of inspiration.

Nowadays and after deep refurbishment and modernization works, the historical Spa with Buvete Termal (a place, a kind of fountain, where one can drink thermal water), Emanatory and 13 treatment rooms keeps its genesis, providing a set of treatments that act in the

prevention and treatment of various pathologies, being the ideal place for rest and regain physical and mental shape.


As Luso Thermal SPA - Thermal Spa and Medical, impress a differentiation in Thermalism at national level, through an innovative concept of Medical Spa supported by 3 complementary valences: Classic Thermalism, Thermal Spa (with aesthetic and Acqua aspects) and Medical Center (with a Physical Rehabilitation and Cardiac Rehabilitation).

Luso Thermal Water has a remarkable therapeutic effect on chronic disorders of the urinary tract, arterial hypertension, metabolic disorders, chronic respiratory disorders, rheumatisms, locomotor disorders and dermal pathologies.


The Thermal Complex is now open to the public for twelve months, responding to current trends in the Health and Wellness segment.

The distinctive facilities of the Luso Thermal Spa, surrounded by the indescribable beauty of the Serra do Bussaco with its secular forestation, allow the perfect balance to be restored.

Adress: R. Álvaro Castelões, 3050-230 Luso

Telephone: 231 937 910

Social networks:  

  • Facebook


Julho, agosto e setembro: 

  • Domingo a Sexta das 9h00 às 19h00.

  • Sábado das 9:00 às 20:00.

Outubro a junho: 

  • Segunda a quinta das 09h00 às 18h00.

  • Sexta das 09h00 às 19:00

  • Sábado das 10h00 às 20h00.

Closing day  Encerra ao Domingo.

Closed during lunch: from 13h00 to 14h00.

Features and services:

  • Accessibility for people with reduced Mobility 


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