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Tower of the Master | school tower

This tower is 27 meters high, being the second tallest in the fortress. The name Torre do Mestre has to do with the fact that in 1513 the castle was handed over to the Mestre of the Order of Calatrava.


The local inhabitants changed the word “maestre” to “maestro”, and given the relation changed from “maestro” to “escuela” (school), which is the current name of the tower – Torre Escola.

This tower has a somewhat peculiar layout compared to the other towers of the castle – two of its walls decrease in thickness as they grow in height. Even so, it is the tower that has the thickest walls of all the buildings found in the fortress. Access to this tower is through a corridor fully incorporated into the building. The roof of this passage is in an ogival arch and the roof of the interior is in an octagonal dome.

This tower served to guard the northwest side and the foothills of the Sierra de Córdoba. The upper floor of this tower has the second largest chamber in the entire fortification (the largest is in the Keep). Its construction was very careful, although it was not completed in the 14th century (the second chamber was never built), it was one of the most used.

When the state of conservation was not different when it was reconstructed, there were well-preserved areas and poorly-preserved areas. It was still possible to keep its original design.

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