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torre quadrada.jpg

square tower

This tower, 26 meters high, receives its name due to its exterior plan featuring a square-shaped construction, however this is nothing more than an optical illusion. It's actually a rectangle. In any case, and with the exception of the shooting chambers and the small entrance hall, its two floors effectively form a square.

During the reconstruction process, this tower was very well preserved and its interior revealed important architectural details, being of enormous singularity. The ceiling of the lower room is dome lined with brick, the dome of the upper room has an octagonal shape. It was, together with the arms yard, where signs of paving with squared bricks were found, some battlements were still preserved, which allowed the reconstruction of what was missing, such as the original ones.

In this tower there are still some paintings, although large panels are not preserved, which are quite discolored and which are a simple composition, painted in red and black, make it one of the most elegant among the set of towers in the castle of Almodóvar.

There is no interior communication between the two floors. Access to the lower floor via the Courtyard of Arms and the upper floor via the round path. Although this Tower (14th century) and the Revolcadero (8th century Mudejar construction) were built at different times, the construction techniques are very similar.

In this tower there are five shooting chambers (of the thirteen existing throughout the fortification). The location of this Tower facilitated surveillance of the northern part, as well as of the extramural northern territory (a function that it performed in conjunction with the Square Tower).

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