Traditions and Festivities 


The Gualterian Festivals have been going on since 1906, always on the first weekend of August. These festivities are marked by the Flax Procession and the Battle of Flowers, and end, as is traditional, with the Gualterian March.

The Festivities of the City of Guimarães and Gualterianas combine in a huge manifestation of popular festival. These parties take place each year on the first weekend of August. 

The program is in part beyond the traditional religious events, such as masses and processions; performing a bullfight in a mobile venue erected each year to host the event; horse racing; diverse processions and permanent animation every day always with the daily end of the festivities marked by spectacular firework sessions. The Gualterinas Festivities are one of the biggest popular festivities of Minho. For four sacred and profane days they unite in perfect harmony.  


The Nicolinas are Guimarães Student Parties in honor of St. Nicholas of Myra. Nicoline Festivals are organized by the Nicolina Festival Commission, composed of male students from Guimarães High School.

The first reference to the Nicoline Feasts is in 1664, the year in which the Chapel of Saint Nicholas was built in Guimarães. In 1691 came the first academic statutes, the statutes of the Brotherhood of St. Nicholas.

Nicoline Feasts are held annually between November 29 December 7, being filled by various events, Pinheiro and Suppers Nicolinas (the busiest number where participants, after a dinner by the city's restaurants, parade through the streets of Guimarães chanting the Rings Nicolinos to sound of the drums and boxes), the Novenas, the Possessions, the Vimaran Academic Proclamation (Pregão), the Apples, the Dances of São Nicolau), the Saudade Ball and the Roberry (the date changes from year to year and is not disclosed).

The Nicolinas Festivities are organized by the Nicolinas Festivities Commission, composed of male students from the Liceu de Guimarães.